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ALABASTER Elephant Statue Figure Figurine Polished Sculpture Tabletop Good Luck Gift Healing forgiveness

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ALABASTER Elephant Statue Figure Figurine Sculpture Tabletop Good Luck Gift Healing forgiveness 

2.40lb, 5" tall, 7" length, 2.5" width, 

Emotional Healing: Alabaster is the pure form of transparency, as it symbolizes purity. It is used to encourage feelings of peace and calmness. The powerful energies of these crystals are used to increase flexibility and let the wearer be more adaptable. Alabaster comprises effective energies which let the wearer fight against stress, heal arguments, and provide inner harmony.

This stone is used majorly to lessen the fear of the wearer and helps him to resolve disturbance and problems. Alabaster is known as the protective stone that teaches its wearer how to be calm and grow stronger.

Spiritual Healing: While meditating with the Alabaster crystals, a person expands the ability to forgive others and even him. Alabaster inspires positivity when it is used at home. It is believed that if a person wears this crystal, a light of peace starts nurturing into the body of its wearer. Alabaster is considered as a fantastic healing stone for any psychological disorders.