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Polished Carnelian Palm Stone, Carnelian Crystal, Healing Crystals for Vitality,Stress,Health

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Polished Carnelian Palm Stone, Carnelian Crystal, Healing Crystals for Vitality, Stress, Health

1.35lb, 20.75oz, 5" tall, 3" wide, 2" depth.

Carnelian is a stone that connects to the lower chakras. This means that it brings the metaphysical properties of being a gem that offers stability, grounding, a zest for life, and helps to improve confidence and creativity.

Carnelian Healing Properties and Benefits

Carnelian is a very powerful healing stone. This stone is also known as a "bloodstone". It has a very high iron content, hence it is red in color. Some of the healing properties and powers of Carnelian are below:

- Carnelian promotes health and vitality: It enhances the flow of life force in the body and encourages well-being.

- Combat fatigue: Carnelian helps in the release of stress and heals the body and the mind.

- Healing of the heart chakra: This stone purifies blood, the heart, lungs, and liver.

- Strengthening the immune system: Carnelian is very effective in treating any kind of infection and disease of the blood.

- Promotes fertility: Carnelian strengthens the reproductive system and helps women who are trying to conceive.

- Lowers blood pressure: Carnelian balances the blood pressure and also cleanses the blood and the circulatory system.

- Stabilizes blood sugar levels: Carnelian protects against all types of infections and toxins in the blood.