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Very Large Malachite & Chrysocolla Crystal Rock Tabletop 8.12lb Polished emotional healing Blue Green

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Very Large Malachite & Chrysocolla Crystal Rock Tabletop 8.12lb Polished emotional healing Blue Green

Length 11" Width 7" Height 4.5" weight 8.12lb

Malachite & Chrysocolla can release past traumas, suppressed and negative feelings, hurts, and resentments and bring us deep emotional healing. It brings us self-confidence and clears feelings of guilt making it easier for us to speak the truth. The chrysocolla is a gemstone that is considered as a Stone of Communication. It is a peaceful gem that highlights the power of our actions and words on all the people who are surrounding us. It encourages the strengthening of character and compassion. The chrysocolla often originates in association with the malachite stone. So, in this combination, a stone is created that is composed of the powers and properties of two stones, chrysocolla and malachite. It is also known as malachite in chrysocolla gemstone. We will talk about the benefits of each of the stones separately and in detail. Firstly, we will start with the chrysocolla gem. The chrysocolla is referred to as a Teaching Stone that motivates the person to reveal his greatest knowledge so that others may get benefit from his experiences. It is a charm for musicians also. It is the best talisman that is used for learning musical instruments so that the wearer may play them in the public area with confidence. The Gem Silica is the highest form of Chrysocolla, which exists in crystalline form so that this gemstone may get infused in Quartz. This offers a magnified variety that holds all the energies of the chrysocolla. It is considered as the best power for producing or experiencing sacred sounds. The one who chants, speaks the mantras and sing will get the benefits from the Gem Silica. Now, we will discuss the malachite gemstone. It is a beautiful charm that exhibits its beautiful color that is green. It is an opaque gem that is full of the powers and strength. The energy in its designs, circles and lines that lie on its surface offers a soothing and peaceful feel. It the spiritual face, it is quite inviting.