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A good psychic reading may change your perspective on life, uncover hidden truths that could be holding you back, or help you to make the best possible decisions.

Services of Mysticsense

Psychic readers available on the platform mostly deal tarot cards, crystal balls, reiki, angel cards, and other divination tools. Thus, you will get object-based readings from these psychic readers. However, other services are also available on the platform.

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You can connect with Tarot readers and psychics using the online chat and telephone. We think you can choose the live psychic chat system to get an instant response from the reader.

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Healer Coral Menashrov

A Gift From The Universe

Over 30 years ago, on one of my powerful astral journeys, I was instructed to focus my activities as a healer and spiritual teacher to help as many people as possible using the universe’s gift to humanity – crystals. On that wonderful journey, I was honored to receive enlightening knowledge from spirit and was instructed to use it to synchronise and adjust crystal energies in order to fully achieve their maximum potential for healing. This critical event was a welcome and eye-opening culmination of the very special connection I had always felt with stones and crystals in particular. My inexplicable attraction to stones stems from my youth, long before I became familiar with the New Age era and the increasing awareness and interest in crystals.