Crystals that are good for protecting your home office and your oura

Tiger Eye

Wash away negative energy, dig deep into the root chakra, and let self-confidence soar with the Tiger Eye crystal. This stone comes with plenty of emotional healing properties and helps the wearer to stay strong, centered and connected to their core regardless of the chaos that surrounds them. When feeling blocked, the energy of Tiger’s Eye can also cut straight through that lack of motivation and help shift focus by encouraging a more active approach to life.

Black Tourmaline

Clear quartz's spiritual and metaphysical properties enable it to cleanse all the chakras,protect against negative energies, and connect with higher levels of consciousness. This powerful crystal is truly a gift from the Earth, providing healing, clarity, and light to all who embrace it.Repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. Balances and regulates the negative energy


Obsidian isa highly-regarded protective stone, known for its ability to block, absorb, and transform negative energy. Obsidian is believed to be a stone of clarity, with the ability to release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension.


Citrine carries the sun's power, making it warming, energising and highly creative. The stoneabsorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy, therefore highly protective of the environment. Absorbs negative energy and converts it to positive energy. Protects you from negative people that you cannot avoid