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CrystalLarge Amethyst Geode Crystal Natural self-standing rock for tabletop home decor healing stone 33.35lb 15" high

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CrystalLarge Amethyst Geode Crystal Natural self-standing rock for tabletop home decor healing stone

33.35lb height 15" width 10" Depth 7"

AMETHYST MEANS CLEANSING. PROTECTION• INSPIRATION Enhances intuition, spirituality, and meditation. Extremely protective. Calms the mind and spirit. Protects from nightmares and insomnia. Amethyst Healing Properties and Benefits Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone that has a wide range of benefits. Some of the healing properties and powers of Amethyst are below: Natural tranquilizer: Amethyst relieves an individual from stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness: This precious stone has outstanding healing and cleansing powers. It does this by opening intuition and enhancing the psychic abilities of a person. Enhances sobriety: It makes a person have a sober mind in cases of overdrinking or overindulgence in other activities that may lead to addictions. Amethyst does this by producing a calming effect to the mind and stimulating the body hence keeping people focused and aware of occurrences in their surroundings. Insomnia relief: With Amethyst in place, you can be assured of plentiful amounts of sleep at night. It further helps in remembering and understanding of dreams. Hormone production: Amethyst plays a very important role in general metabolism especially bringing balance to the endocrine system by helping in the active production of hormones for use in the body. Boosting the immune system: Amethyst assists the body in fighting and eliminating diseases. This stone helps to purify blood thus reducing physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress. Amethyst is useful for people suffering from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, disorders in cells, and diseases of the digestive system Guards against psychic attack: By wearing the protective Amethyst crystal, one gets protection from all types of suffering including spiritual assault and those that may be as a result of external sources such as people.