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Set of Two 2 Larimar Point Towers AAA High Quality Great Gift for Friends, Girl Friend, Mothers Dolphin Stone

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Set of Two 2 Larimar Point Towers AAA High-Quality Great Gift for Friends, Girl Friend, Mothers Dolphin stone | high grade

1.36oz together, 1.5" tall and 3/4" tall 

Larimar is like a lullaby on the tongue. Whether it's the name, the color, or the kaleidoscopic healing properties of this lesser-known stone - Larimar gemstones are overflowing with calming energy. The cooling water-like shades, the energy of flow, and the ability to wash away anxious thoughts make it a popular choice for a worry stone. But Larimar also plays a strong hand when it comes to the power of communication too. It will help clear the upper chakras, strengthen your one true voice, and cut out toxic thinking. Take a look at all the ways Larimar can help your body, mind, and soul.


Cleansing energy and soothing strength - are two incredibly important healing elements for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When it comes to the ever-present physical body, Larimar brings the light touch of deep healing. As a throat chakra stone concerned with communication, it does all that it can to keep your throat soothed. It helps to remove all kinds of blockages and heal ailments in the upper body. It is also a popular stone for use in reflexology practice and particularly as a healing aid alongside acupuncture. Thanks to its fabulous calming energy, Larimar can also be used to soothe stress-related health worries such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and certain skin disorders. As a natural coolant, it can also help combat fire ailments like fever and rashes.


Take a deep breath, feel the cleansing tide rising, and let Larimar carry you wherever it is you need to go. We cannot express enough just how chill Larimar can feel. For those who tend to fan the flames of big emotions, feel overwhelmed, or fall into toxic and self-sabotaging ways of thinking - Larimar can lead you away from this path. It's also an excellent stone for courage meaning that Larimar can help you to overcome phobias and find your own power. It's a great gemstone for balancing big emotions and lightening your own load. Because of the ease and lightness with which Larimar's energy can flow it often invokes a childlike wonder in those who keep it close - encouraging play and the power to experience the world through bright fresh eyes.